Kidepo Valley National Park


Kidepo means “to pick from Below” .This Park lies between at the Uganda border with Sudan and Kenya and it is 700 Km from Kampala.
During the dry season, the only water (which seems permanent although proof is not substantial) is only located in the wetlands in the Narus Valley. These Oases combine with the (savannaed) terrain to give a beautiful game view in Kidepo.
Narus Valley.
Narus Valley is plain grassland of course encircled by mountains. The area is a hub of most of the wild life since they concentrate here for water, which is by the way permanent. Various game tracks are here to enable game drives to take place.
Among the animals here are lions,Jacksons hartebeest,buffaloes,girafees,oribis and reedbucks.
So for maximum wildlife View, try to be near the water points especially in the dry season.
Kanangorok Hot Springs.
The Hot springs are 11 Km beyond the river (Kidepo) on the Ugandan Border with Sudan. But these hot springs are not a big deal here, may be to sit and you enjoy looking at nature.
Mount Morungule.
This mountain is home to the IK ethnic group which is the smallest in Uganda and these people have their own culture even though they a minority group of people in this side of the country.

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