Semuliki National Park


Semuliki is part of the Ituri Forest in the Congo Basin, Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa that extends into Uganda.
Here Hot Springs Bubble up from deep underneath showing evidence of serious activity underground which has been there for over 25000 years and is responsible for the way the topography of this part of the world is at the moment.
The Park houses 53 mammal species of which 27 are large mammals like lions but they are very rare.11 species are native to only this park including the pygymy antelope and two flying squirrel species, peculiar water Chevrotain (fanged deer), forest elephant, buffalo, primates like Chimpanzee, baboon, grey cheeked mangabey, black and white colobus monkeys, Central African red Colobus Monkeys, blue monkeys, red+tailed mokeys, de Brazzaøs monkeys, Vervet monkeys and dentøs monkeys, nocturnal primates include the potto and bush baby.
Sempaya Hot springs. This is the most famous attraction in this Park is Sempaya hotsprings. The male spring is called Bitete and its female colleague is called Nyasimbi.
Nyasimbi bois at 103 degrees centigrade and it shoots up to two meters high. The resultant stem can be seen from as far as 2km away.
Semuliki River.
This River carries an everlasting and permanent runoff from the Rwenzori Mountains to Lake Albert and River Nile.
As ancient Geographers like Ptolemy in AD150 had stressed that partly River Nile flows from a snow capped mountain in heart of Africa, the above fact validates this allegation.
Semuliki River is a small version of the Congo River and it is home to hippos and crocodiles.
Sempaya-Ntandi Road.
The Road is 5 Km and passes through an elegant forest and the road provides excellent views of birds and monkeys. On request, even Batwa pygmy communities can be added on your visiting list.
Activities in The Park.
Birding, Hiking-nature walks, Cultural Encounters, Game Drives, Chimp Tracking or even habituation.

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