Equator Crossing in Uganda

tree climbing lions

Tree Climbing Lions


Wildlife Viewing in Queen Elizabeth

terraced hills

Terraced Hills in Kigezi


Canoeing in Lake Bunyonyi

game drive

Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

gorilla tracking

Gorilla Tracking Moments

murchison falls

Murchison Falls


Rwenzori Mountain Hiking


Rwenzori Mountain Hiking

murchison falls

Boat Cruise in Murchison Falls

Hot Springs


Watch the Great Migration


Visit Zanzibar

kazinga channel

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise


Bunyonyi Islands

Rare Bird Species


Shoebill Stork



karibu sana!

  • Gorilla Tours and Safaris Uganda-The True "African Jungle Masters"

  • Gorilla Tours and Safaris has come of age, satisfying the client needs while executing sustainable tourism which builds on prevailing efforts of upgrading the lives of the Communities in these East African Nations especially those ones living in harmony with the wild animals as their neighbours.

    By doing this, we indirectly preserve the environment and protect our indigenous ecosystems which make East Africa and Africa Unique from the rest of the world while of course surpassing the expectations of our clients who are the reason why we are in tourism.

    Some of our services are Car hire, wild life viewing, Gound and destination Handling, Gorilla trekking / tracking, Flying Safaris, executing tailor made tours and much more.

    Uganda’s Tourism(or visiting Uganda) has come a long way through a mixed period of grace and turmoil. Uganda’s Tourism has a history of more than 500 years ago when Arab traders came to the East African Coast and managed to learn about some business potential in the interior of the East African region although it was hostile at the time.


  • From the North, Great Explorers from Europe especially England who were sent by the royal Geographical Society managed to arrive in Uganda through the North.
    These Explorers were after their grand mission of finding the source of the Nile, which is now Lake Victoria (indeed they were tourists!).

    As they arrived in East Africa, they also learnt about the business potential of East Africa, which later led to the establishment of the Imperial British East African Company (IBEACo).

    Later on, in recent times, Former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill came to Uganda on Tour and named Uganda “the pearl of Africa” in his subsequent publication.


mountain climbing

  • Climb the Famous Mountains of East Africa With Us

    Hike And Climb Mt.Rwenzori,Mt Elgon,Mt.Kilimanjaro,Mt.Kenya,Mt.Meru,etc

flying safaris

  • We are fully empowered to help you fly to any place in Uganda,have your Safari,track Gorillas and return to Entebbe.

    We may use chartered Flights or Schedued flights.

long tours

  • These "Not so Long" Safaris give you a chance to feel and re-feel the beauty of Africa in Wilderness

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